You can nominate your product for the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards


Wallpaper*, T3’s sister site and the global authority on design, technology, transportation and interiors, has announced the second edition of its awards event for ideas that inspire and technology that lasts.

The 2022 Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards celebrate objects, accessories, services and tools that combine beauty, design, innovation and style to make the most of our digital lifestyles and make the places we inhabit noticeably smarter.

Wallpaper*’s panel of editors, designers and industry experts will judge each category based on quality, impact and user experience.

The best thing is – anyone can enter; the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards celebrate leading technology brands, start-ups, innovators, designers and manufacturers.

All you have to do is create things that beautify and enhance the spaces around us.

Winning a Smart Space Award is more than just an industry recognition. In addition to receiving an award in recognition of their achievements, winners will be featured in the print edition of Wallpaper* as well as extensive coverage online and on social media.

Winners will also have the option of purchasing a license for the prize logo for use on product marketing and promotional materials.

Winners will be required to provide a 3D image of their winning product.

Enter your product on the Wallpaper * Smart Space Awards 2022 Entry Site (opens in a new tab).


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