Yamuna Chhath 2022 Images and HD Wallpapers Free Download Online: Wish Happy Yamuna Jayanti with WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Status, SMS and Greetings on Hindu Festival Day


Every year, the sixth day of Chaitra Navaratri is celebrated as Yamuna Chhath in the Braj regions of Mathura by the devotees of Goddess Yamuna. Chaitra Navratri is the second most important Navaratri which marks the beginning of spring/summer. Yamuna Chhath 2022 will be celebrated on April 7 and is also called Yamuna Jayanti. To celebrate this auspicious day, people often share Happy Yamuna Chhath 2022 wishes and greetings, Yamuna Jayanti 2022 messages in Hindi, Happy Yamuna Jayanti WhatsApp status messages and Yamuna Chhath Facebook photos with their friends and family . Yamuna Chhath 2022 Date: Know Puja Timings, Meaning and Celebrations Related to Yamuna Jayanti.

Yamuna Chhath marks the day Goddess Yamuna descended to Earth. The anniversary of the birth of Goddess Yamuna is an opportunity to share stories and folk tales about the importance of Goddess Yamuna in Hindu mythology. Known to be the daughter of the sun god, Yamuna has various associations with Lord Krishna. The most important being that she was the wife of Lord Krishna. That is why the people of Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate Yamuna Chhath with more enthusiasm and fun.

There are different ways to celebrate Yamuna Chhath. But most often people from Braj region visit the banks of Yamuna and offer prayers, aartis and shower flowers to Goddess Yamuna to thank her for all she does. Sharing Happy Yamuna Chhath 2022 Wishes and Greetings, Yamuna Jayanti 2022 Messages in Hindi, Happy Yamuna Jayanti WhatsApp Stickers and Yamuna Chhath Facebook Status Images are also an integral part of this celebration.

Wishes of Yamuna Chhath (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: May this Yamuna Chhath bring much luck and prosperity to your home and success in whatever you do. Yamuna Chhath Ki Hardik Shubhkamnayen.

Wishes of Yamuna Chhath (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: I wish you a very Yamuna Chhath. May the day of the festival be full of celebrations, happiness and vibrancy for you.

Wishes of Yamuna Chhath (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: On the occasion of Yamuna Chhath, I wish that all your sorrows come to an end and this festive occasion brings you new hope. Happy Yamuna Chhath.

Wishes of Yamuna Chhath (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: May Yamuna Maa bless you with warm wishes on the occasion of Yamuna Chhath.

Wishes of Yamuna Chhath (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Let us seek the blessings of Maa Yamuna on the occasion of Yamuna Chhath for a prosperous and successful year. I wish you and your family a happy Yamuna Chhath.

We hope these wishes will help add to the Yamuna Chhath 2022 festivities. This celebration of Yamuna Jayanti is sure to bring peace, calm and happiness to all our lives. Happy Yamuna Jayanti 2022!

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