XSET Acquires Astoic Management and Appoints Co-Founders to Leadership Positions


The world’s fastest growing gaming and lifestyle company, XSET, defines what it means to be a cultural leader in the industry for future generations as it stands at the crossroads of culture and gaming.

Leading the charge in merging entertainment, gaming and advancing culture, XSET recently acquired Astoic Management, a black-owned talent agency operating in Beverly Hills, California. Both co-founders were appointed to leadership positions within XSET following this acquisition. Rob Martin will serve as Chief Experience Officer (CXO), while Lonnie Anthony will serve as Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).

Anthony will make innovative and strategic decisions for the entire XSET business and brand in his capacity as CIO, together with the founders of the company. As CXO, Martin will also strive to develop unforgettable experiences and events that will propel XSET to the top of the gaming and entertainment industries.

When asked what prompted the acquisition of Astoic Management, Anthony said he and Martin discussed their respective career goals on several occasions. After much deliberation, they came to the conclusion that they wanted to return to their gaming roots.

“We considered a variety of choices and spoke with a number of companies, but ultimately what XSET is creating complemented everything Astoic Management stood for perfectly. We went to Clinton Sparks (CBDO and co-founder) and talked about XSET and their future goals for five hours. When we heard the co-founders’ passion and saw their overall vision for the game, we knew this was the perfect fit. met no one with our own vision who simply ‘gets it’ in XSET actively promotes diversity and builds culture,” says Anthony.

Martin said it was simple to decide to join XSET. “This is a unique opportunity to own the most dynamic and growing gaming lifestyle brand in the world.”

“It’s a privilege to join XSET,” said Anthony. “Moving the needle and advancing XSET’s foray into Web3 and the metaverse are the goals I have for the company. What we have planned will amaze many and produce historic events that the world never will never forget.

Astoic Management has provided representation for a number of well-known individuals including Offset, Floyd Mayweather, Ronnie2K and Cassy Athena. Along with this they have negotiated a wide range of contracts with companies such as NBA2K, Facebook, Nike, Jordan, AT&T, Microsoft, FOX, Stockx, Viacom, Postmates, New Era, Turo, MLB and many more.

The dynamic duo have spent the past 10 years fusing gaming, fashion, technology and culture to produce countless experiences for musicians, athletes and gamers. Martin said they look forward to influencing the future landscape of the video game industry.

When it comes to weaving pop culture and celebrities into the NBA2K video game franchise – which brings in more than $3 billion a year – Astoic provided creative direction and consultation. They helped Ronnie2K, led the integration of apparel companies like Fear of God, Rhude, Just Don, Visitor on Earth, Union, and IhNomUhNit into the world’s third largest sports video game.

Additionally, the talent agency oversaw a marketing campaign that involved scanning NBA2K with virtual versions of stars including Travis Scott, Quavo, J. Balvin, Fabolous, Migos, Nav, Ben Baller, Zack Bia, and Lil Pump. .

Anthony was recently shortlisted for Sports Business Journal’s 2021 list of new voices under 30. This is due to his previous work incorporating big names into the NBA 2K video game and creating a campaign for rapper Offset with New Era and the Atlanta. Brave.

Astoic has already started to help XSET in creating experiences. Tee Grizzley, a hip-hop artist, recently made gaming history when he became the first person to openly announce his membership in a gaming group while participating in a storyline on the Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server. Tee.

Regarding a more detailed strategy for XSET’s entry into Web3 and the Metaverse, Anthony goes on to say that by integrating both IRL functionality and Metaverse experiences, XSET has the power to produce life-changing moments. life. He is excited to introduce XSET to the world of NFTs, Metaverse and Web3 in general as an enthusiastic NFT collector and a proud member of RTFKT’s Clone X community.

“I’ve lived and breathed Web3 for the past 12 months. When I’m not zooming, I’m either engrossed in Twitter or on Discord chatting with random people with JPEG avatars. When it’s about embracing Web3, community development and use case methods, I was surprised to find that the gaming and music sectors were a bit behind,” says Anthony.

Martin says Anthony has consistently outperformed the market in terms of web3/metaverse, and his investments in the field are proof of that. Their goal is to build on the work done by XSET, which is to identify new ways of writing history in the web3/metaverse.

By changing the way they sign creators, the types of creators they engage with, and the types of collaborations they engage in, the two hope to transform the gaming industry. They recently signed Ganga, who is widely considered the most famous tattoo artist in the world thanks to his work on celebrities like Drake, LeBron James, Post Malone, Odell Beckham, Lil Uzi Vert and others.

“At its studios in West Hollywood, California, and Murcia, Spain, we intend to build arcades with Ganga. These are the kinds of collaborations with XSET that we aim to establish by fusing the culture with various forms of entertainment, art, music, fashion and sports. By pushing the boundaries and signing more edgy partnerships and culture-focused creative signatures, we hope to grow these announcements,” said Anthony.

Martin aims to continue merging the music and gaming industries in his capacity as CXO. Recently, the two had the pleasure of teaming up with legendary record label Interscope for a Coachella weekend gaming experience in Palm Springs, renting Leonardo DiCaprio’s home along with some of Interscope’s biggest artists, including Benny Blanco, Gryffin, Louis The Child, Earthgang, and more.

“We had Ronnie2K, the face of NBA2K, host the event as we played WWE 2K22 and NBA 2K while chatting with the game’s artists. We dig deeper into how artists use the game as a creative outlet major, especially while they were confined to their homes during the pandemic. My main initiatives currently focus on our alliance with Drai’s nightclub and beach club in Las Vegas. Memorial Day weekend marked the activating the four XSET beach huts at the beach club. During MDW, we had performances by Lil Wayne during the day and Lil Baby in the evening,” says Martin.

Their plan, according to Martin, is to bring together all the things people appreciate in one place. friends, games, music and back outside. With XSET, people will have more opportunities to participate in life’s milestones. Anyone can now rent XSET cabins equipped with 85-inch televisions, game consoles and completely covered in XSET wallpaper from Drai.


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