Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022: call for applications


Enter the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022: the best new design and technology for the home

Enter now – the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022 calls for the best new home design and technology, ideas that inspire and products that last

Last year saw the launch of Wallpaper’s Smart Space Awards, a new way to celebrate the best in home design and technology. It’s been a year of rediscovering our homes, whether we like it or not, with the ripple effect of a renewed focus on the devices, products and services around us.

Good design, cutting-edge innovation and effortless style are nothing without durability, quality and longevity. A space isn’t so smart if it’s just a waiting room for an endless parade of constantly updated objects. Last year’s winners took up our challenge to seek out ideas that inspire and products that last, banishing planned obsolescence and the infinite upgrade path.

Winners of the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2021. Neil Godwin at Future Studios for Wallpaper*

The first Smart Space Awards showcased everything from e-bikes and air purifiers to sleek office furniture and speakers. The judges – architect Tosin Oshinowo of Nigerian firm CM Design Atelier, designer and artist Yuri Suzuki, Veronica Forin, head of retail at Harrods, Sarah Douglas, editor of Wallpaper*, and Jonathan Bell, editor of transportation and technology chief of Wallpaper*, explored a raft of submissions, narrowing them down to those that had the most potential to positively impact their user, through design, technology, craft and sustainable ethics.

Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022

For 2022, we are looking to update our list. And since Wallpaper* has always been a cheerleader for the old and a champion for the new, we’ve added a new award reflecting our return to the public domain, celebrating the smartest use of retail space at detail. A Wallpaper* Smart Space Award is more than just an industry recognition; it’s a stamp of approval for a design that does its job and makes the world a better place.

As before, we will be creating a bespoke edition of the award-winning products and services for a special feature in the print edition of Wallpaper*, as well as in-depth coverage on our digital and social media platforms. This year’s judges will include Industrial Facility’s Kim Colin and Sam Hecht, who won an award last year for their “OE1” workspace collection for Herman Miller.

Who can enter?

The 2022 Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards are an open call for everyone from big tech brands to boutique makers. We are actively looking for start-ups and innovators, young designers and new thinkers. Please name the things that beautify, improve and improve the spaces around us, making our lives more efficient, more elegant and better in every way.

How to enter

Find all the details and nominate your product at futureevents.uk/smartspaceawards2022. Closing date: August 1, 2022. §


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