Wallpaper * Smart Space Awards 2021: deadline extended



12 days ago

Wallpaper * Smart Space Awards 2021: deadline extended

The Wallpaper * Smart Space Awards aim to honor inspiring ideas and enduring technology, making the places we live smarter and our lives better. Good news! We have extended the deadline until July 5, 2021.

The time spent working from home, staying in one place, communicating with each other through new and unfamiliar media has inspired a long, hard examination of our immediate surroundings. If we’re going to be here for a while, how can we make it better – simpler, more efficient, nicer to look at, easier to use, nicer to handle?

We are launching the Wallpaper * Smart Space Awards to celebrate objects, accessories, services and tools that combine contemporary design, innovation and style.

Smart space: what does it mean?

We seek to recognize ideas that inspire and products that last – using cutting edge technology and design know-how to make the places we live noticeably smarter, creating a positive impact on our lives.

For the past year, confined for various periods during the pandemic, we have been editing the products around us – upgrade and recycle, click and collect. We marveled at truly good, well-made, reliable products and sought to replace what no longer offers beauty, joy or service. Being static, it seems, also encouraged us to multitask and move forward.

We have also become increasingly aware that rampant consumerism, the accumulation of fragile and frivolous products preloaded with impending obsolescence and fancy fashion, is not the way to go. Good design is beautiful and smart; it offers a long life of loyal and robust service.

We want to champion wonderful wearable devices, illuminating lighting innovations, the most goddess-like home appliances, and the most eloquent audio. We’re looking for tantalizing social media tools, timely transportation services, and great mixers for our home bars.

Choose the winners

A panel of Wallpaper editors * – including Sarah Douglas, editor-in-chief and Jonathan Bell, editor-in-chief of technology and transportation – alongside designers and industry experts, will judge each award category based on quality, impact and user experience: does the product create a noticeable and positive impact on the lives of its users? Does its design improve the aesthetics of their environment? What elevates the product above the rest of its market segment?

A Wallpaper * Smart Space Award will be more than just an industry honor. An edition of the award-winning products and services will be featured in the print edition of Wallpaper *, on our digital platforms and on social media.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter. The Wallpaper * Smart Space Awards 2021 are aimed at major technology brands and store creators, start-ups and innovators, designers and thinkers. We ask that they name what beautifies, beautifies and enhances the spaces around us. All things Considered. The smarter, the better. §


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