These wallpaper designers want to free homes from routine


Paco Y Maria wallpaper and custom hand-decorated sequin pillow by She She2ndTruth Photography

In a world filled with fast furniture and decorative accents, Jennifer A. Jorgensen and Kate Worum are on a mission to make things happen. The duo behind multidisciplinary Minneapolis-based studio She She designs each of their fabrics and wallpapers with the intention of making a statement. “We both love art and are drawn to spaces that incorporate artistic moments,” Jorgensen said. Home business. “Our goal is to bring more art into the world of interior design.”

Worum, an illustrator, and Jorgenson, an interior designer, began brainstorming the idea of ​​designing a line of wallpapers as they were both going through tough breakups. “We were looking for something positive to channel our emotions,” Worum says, “and decided there was no better time than the present to be productive.”

To familiarize themselves with the design process, the pair hand-painted two wallpaper designs directly onto the walls of their own homes: a free-spirited forest-themed canvas called On a Pony She Named Wildfire and a bold tropical pattern named Paco. and Mary. After receiving rave reviews of the designs on Instagram, the duo knew they had found their calling. “We decided to cover the world in our art,” says Jorgensen.

These wallpaper designers want to free homes from routine

Jennifer A. Jorgensen and Kate Worum work on a custom wall illustration for Purple Llama Coffee & Records in Chicago.Corrie Shotts

In 2016, they launched She She with a small handful of wallcovering designs, including the aforementioned designs as well as Lashes, a cheeky winking eye pattern originally designed for an eyelash studio. “They document our memories together and apart from telling our story, they don’t have too much cohesion,” Jorgensen says of the designs in the inaugural collection. “We’ve spent the next few years delving extremely deeply into our custom pattern work and installations, and recently released our second in-house collection based on an inspirational trip we took to Curacao.”

For its second collection, She She launches into textiles. Along with a range of vivid wallpaper designs, including those printed on raw silk, as well as their popular Bums series which features a repeating doodle of, well, a shapely gluteus maximus, the duo have started to offer custom fabric design services. “Fabric was the obvious next step after we took off our wallpaper,” says Worum. “We had our designs on each wall, then the client placed a beige sofa in front of half the wall. So we said to ourselves: we have to get into fabric.

These wallpaper designers want to free homes from routine

She She’s Bums wallpaper in a bathroom by Henri Interiors.Amanda Marie Interiors

Whether it’s wallpaper or fabric, Jorgensen says every She She design starts with a story or a memory. “From there, we gather reference images from our archive of recorded inspirations,” she explains. “We let them seep into our minds and when the idea is fully realized, we sit down to illustrate the artwork with pen and paper. Then it’s scanned and sent to the printer!

In addition to printed wallpapers and custom fabric designs, She She also creates bespoke hand-painted wallcoverings for customers. “Unlike most brands of hand-painted wallpaper, we paint directly on the wall,” says Worum. “We love the permanence and extremely unique nature of this process.”

This month, She She launches its latest collection, consisting of 10 new wallpaper and fabric designs. “These patterns will be able to live on lamp shades, as we’re also working on a lighting collaboration right now,” says Jorgensen.

Jorgensen says the duo, who also worked with Mott50 on a swimwear collection last summer, will continue to expand She She’s product offering throughout 2022. six months,” she says. “We strive to take our designs to the next level by developing not only the fabric and wallpaper pattern of a space, but also incorporating these ideas into bedding, lampshades, towels, china , rugs and more.”

For more from She She, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

Frontpage photo: Jennifer A. Jorgensen (left) and Kate Worum (right) of She She at work on a custom wallcovering for The Bluebird Group in Minneapolis. | 2ndTruth Photography


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