There’s still a cafe inside Powell’s and it’s Princess Bride themed.


Continuing the good news of businesses returning to downtown Portland, Powell’s City of Books once again has a coffee shop in store. Guilder Cafe — a local, princess bride– a themed cafe business – opened its second location in the southwest corner of the store on Friday, November 27.

While constant streams of customers have returned to Powell’s, filling the aisles with people far more literate than you might have imagined, the opening of the cafe is one more sign that the nicer parts of town are on the way. the way back. Powell’s just wasn’t Powell’s without a place to leaf through the first chapter of a book or watch people through the wrap-around windows of space.

A slight redesign of the space added platform seat steps with padded padding to the mix, though there are still plenty of tables and counters along the south-facing windows. Custom wallpaper by local artist Kate Blairstone wraps around the cafe counter, depicting various city landmarks like Big Pink (America’s Bancorp Tower) in fairy-tale illustrations.

Gilder Cafe is inspired by William Goldman’s fantasy novel The princess to marry and the 1987 Rob Reiner film adaptation of the same name, but no one at the cafe counter is likely to call you “m’lady.” Love is more subtly evidenced in food names, like Farm Boy Oats or the cookie and field roast sharing plates called Spicy Humperdink and Savory Humperdink.

As you would expect from fans of heroic deeds, Guilder is also interested in operating ethically and fairly. There’s a disclaimer-like statement on the front and center of its menu, stating that the coffee you buy there is a bit more expensive than people might expect. “We encourage you to think of coffee plantations as small businesses,” the menu reads. “We all have to pay more for coffee because it costs more to produce than we realize. “

The prices don’t seem so unusual: an espresso is $ 3.25, a cappuccino $ 4.50, a fancy Autumn Miracle Pill latte with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, of panela sugar, coldbrew and salt is $ 6. This is maybe 50 to 75 cents more than your average neighborhood coffee shop, although on par with many other local coffee shops.

At this point, Guilder asks to see proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test (done within the last 48 hours) from customers who wish to have their coffee at the cafe instead of going. Take-out guests do not need to show proof of immunization status and masks are mandatory inside Powell’s at all levels.

TO DRINK: Guilder Cafe NW, 1005 W Burnside St., 10 am-8pm every day.


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