The best interior design trend of 2021? Pieces that let you be entertained again


THE LOOT IS now, finally, open for business.

The bar is not a commercial establishment, although Kiki Dikmen, Logistics Manager, would probably love to see you. With the help of interior designer Lucinda Loya, he built the bar in his Houston home. It has Mediterranean blue walls, cloudy mirrors, and painted smoke rings on the ceiling. Space was a pandemic labor of love that he recently revealed to his friends and family on his birthday.

“We gave everyone who came a gift: monogrammed masks with the words ‘Booty’s’,” Dikmen said.

As the pandemic draws to a close for most people in the United States, a finish-demic accelerates. Interior designers, furniture showrooms and tableware retailers report that after months of isolation, clients and clients are eager to welcome family, friends, colleagues – hell, just about anyone – in their homes. “They feel like they’ve walked through the fire and survived. They want to reward themselves for the sacrifices and in many cases the profound losses they have suffered over the past year and a half, ”said Palm Beach designer Jim Dove.

With a gregarious abandon, the owners enhance the decor with a ‘you only live once’ verve that some designers say is unprecedented. Hermès-orange vanities. Golden striped ceilings.


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