The 10 best Tom Cruise movies to stream in 2022


Tom Cruise has had one of the most varied and exciting careers in Hollywood, from his days as a teen idol to his award-winning dramatic turns to his larger-than-life action hero roles. Here are 10 of the best Tom Cruise movies to stream.

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Tom Cruise is truly chilling as the suave hitman in Michael Mann’s crime thriller. Jamie Foxx plays a taxi driver who unknowingly picks up Cruise’s hitman and agrees to drive him to various locations for a hefty sum. Foxx’s Max Durocher soon discovers that the man he knows as Vincent is actually killing, killing different targets at each stop.

Mann builds a tense back and forth between the two men, making them worthy opponents even though Vincent seems to have all the cards. Mann gives Los Angeles at night a beautiful, unearthly feel, the perfect backdrop for this battle between the sadistic and the noble.

Collateral is available for digital purchase ($7.99+) and rental ($3.99) on Amazon, itunes, google play, Vuduand other digital outlets.

The color of money

Before “legacy sequels” were all the rage, Martin Scorsese made this sequel 25 years later from 1961 the scammer, with Paul Newman returning as pool shark Fast Eddie Felson. Eddie is older but not necessarily wiser, and his love for the game is rekindled when he spots hotshot young gambler Vincent Lauria (Tom Cruise).

Cruise and Newman have great chemistry as two control freaks who develop a wary respect but maintain their rivalry. Scorsese shoots the pool scenes brilliantly, bringing dynamic excitement to the many nine-ball games. The film is a winning combination of Scorsese’s cinematic creativity and the Hollywood charisma of its two stars.

The color of money It is available for digital purchase ($17.99) and rental ($3.99) on Amazon, itunes, google play, Vuduand other digital outlets.

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edge of tomorrow

Although it was a box office disappointment, Doug Liman’s sci-fi action flick proved worthy of critical acclaim by building a devoted following. Tom Cruise plays against his action hero type as a whiny, selfish military public affairs officer. He is thrown into the middle of a battle against aliens and finds himself in a time loop, returning to the same point each time he is killed.

Emily Blunt plays the hardened battlefield sergeant who trains her to harness this unexpected ability. It’s a clever, fast-paced, playful spin on a familiar sci-fi concept, with Cruise and Blunt forming a perfect team of reluctant allies.

edge of tomorrow is available for digital purchase ($14.99+) and rental ($3.99) on Amazon, itunes, google play, Vuduand other digital outlets.

Interview with the Vampire

Author Anne Rice was initially outraged by the casting of Tom Cruise as her popular vampire character Lestat de Lioncourt, but changed her mind completely after seeing Neil Jordan’s film. Cruise may be an unlikely choice to play the decadent, narcissistic Lestat, but he perfectly captures Rice’s dark vampire hedonism.

Brad Pitt matches her as Lestat’s protege Louis, and Kirsten Dunst gives one of the best kid performances ever as the ever-young vampire Claudia. Jordan brings Rice’s eroticism and vampire menace to life, recounting an age-old story told by Louis to a thrilled reporter played by Christian Slater.

Interview with the Vampire streams for free with ads on The Roku Channel and is available for digital purchase ($4.99+) and rental ($3.99) from Amazon, itunes, google play, Vuduand other digital outlets.

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Jerry Maguire

Jerry MaguireThe catchphrases of have been quoted and recycled so extensively that it’s easy to forget that this movie is more than just a collection of jokes. It’s a passionate, open romantic comedy from a master of the form, writer-director Cameron Crowe, and it features one of Tom Cruise’s most downright likeable performances.

He plays the title character, an idealistic sports agent who quits his secure job to start his own business with one client, NFL wide receiver Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.). Jerry approaches the negotiation with the same enthusiasm and honesty he brings to his romance with single mother Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger).

Jerry Maguire is streaming on AMC+ ($8.99 per month after a seven-day free trial) and is available for digital purchase ($12.99+) and rental ($2.99+) on Amazon, itunes, google play, Vuduand other digital outlets.


Tom Cruise is just one part of writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson’s sprawling multi-character epic, but he is perhaps the most memorable part. Cruise was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of chauvinistic motivational speaker Frank TJ Mackey, who has long been estranged from his father Earl (Jason Robards).

Frank’s arc of reconciling his feelings about his father ties into the film’s overall theme of redemption and forgiveness, which unfolds in several overlapping storylines. The stellar cast also includes Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and William H. Macy, but even among these incredible talents, Cruise stands out.

Magnolia streams free through local libraries on Kanopi.

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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The Impossible mission the films have become an all-consuming project for Tom Cruise in recent years, and they remain one of Hollywood’s most satisfying blockbuster franchises. The series reached its climax with this fourth film, directed by animator veteran Brad Bird.

Bird brings an animator’s go-anywhere approach to the film’s massive sets, including Cruise’s Ethan Hunt scaling the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, still one of the greatest stunts ever captured on screen. He also put together a top-notch team to support Cruise, adding Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner as Ethan’s secret agents, and promoting Simon Pegg to what would become a key role in the franchise.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is streaming on netflix ($9.99+ per month) and Paramount+ ($4.99+ per month after a seven-day free trial).


A sci-fi film as much about creative design and intoxicating ideas as it is about action, Oversight stars Tom Cruise as one of the last people left on Earth, ostensibly guarding the last vestiges of human civilization after a deadly alien invasion. Cruise’s Jack Harper and his partner Victoria Olson (Andrea Riseborough) begin to realize something is wrong with their supposed mission to fix critical technology before they join the human race’s space migration.

Oversight is full of twists and turns that don’t always make sense, but Cruise plays every emotional reaction convincingly. He takes the audience on this elegant and mind-blowing future journey.

Oversight is streaming on HBO Max ($9.99+ per month).

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Risky business

Anyone who doesn’t know that Risky business of the oft-parodied moment of Tom Cruise dancing in his underwear can be surprised to find an emotionally engaging and sometimes dark comedy-drama. It’s kind of like a cross between Ferris Bueller’s day off and The graduationwith Cruise as a recent high school graduate who finds a connection to a prostitute played by Rebecca De Mornay.

It features the requisite wild parties and occasionally crude jokes of an 80s teen comedy, but this is counterbalanced by a strong undercurrent of melancholy. Cruise captures the emptiness of a privileged teenager staring down a pre-determined future that he begins to realize may not make sense.

Risky business is streaming on HBO Max ($9.99+ per month).


Tom Cruise probably isn’t the first name that would come to mind to play a German officer in World War II, but the filmmakers behind Valkyrie remove it. They cast Cruise and actors of various nationalities as members of a secret German organization that conspired to assassinate Adolf Hitler and nearly succeeded.

Set in the final days of the war, Valkyrie generates a lot of suspense, although everyone watching almost certainly already knows the outcome. It’s a compelling history lesson, a tense thriller, and a true ensemble piece. Cruise plays the man in charge of the plan, but he makes room for Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, and Kenneth Branagh, all working toward the same goal.

Valkyrie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video ($8.99+ per month), free with ads on Pluto TV, The Roku Channeland tubeand free through local libraries on Kanopi.


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