Takashi Homma: Bach, punk & unprepared photography


Photographer Takashi Homma talks about Bach, punk and working “without preparation”

“Through the lens” is our monthly series that spotlights Wallpaper*’s contributing photographers. Here we explore Takashi Homma’s vision in more detail

Working with Takashi Homma is a refreshing reminder of what it’s like to let the photographs speak for themselves. One of the leaders in his field, the Japanese photographer has built an impressive career on a simple and sober vision. Homma received the 1998 Kimura Ihei Award for his formative series Tokyo Suburb, published several photography books and held solo exhibitions in three museums in Japan. He was born and raised in Tokyo, and his more personal work observes urban life, documenting stories told through the city’s people and environment.

For the March 2022 issue of Wallpaper, we partnered Homma with rising star Japanese artist Kazuhito Kawai, whose work seeks “ugly beauty” in ceramic art. Homma captured Kawai in his Kasama studio where the artist was putting the finishing touches on a new series of kaleidoscopic creations for an exhibition at the Steve Turner Gallery, LA.

Top: Kazuhito Kawai photographed by Takashi Homma in the artist’s Kasama studio. He is holding a collapsed piece of ceramic. Above: ceramic work in progress

Wallpaper*: Describe your style and process

Takashi Manma: Create fashion and architectural photography from a documentary perspective.

W*: Tell us how you brought your way of working to this shoot with Kazuhito Kawai

E: I went to his studio and shot whatever appealed to me at the time. There was no preparation.

W*: What do you think is the most interesting thing happening in photography right now?

E: Exchanging data only, rather than physical prints, and being a non-shooting photographer.

W*: What’s on your radar?

E: The music. From Bach to punk, grunge, ambient. Every genre of music.

W*: What’s next for you this year?

TH: I think after the pandemic is over people will start moving again and hopefully something new will happen. §


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