Samsung wants to line your next fridge with custom art and photos


Samsung’s range of bespoke fridges is already available a variety of eye-catching color combinationscomplete with microwave, dishwasher and other assorted appliances. Now, for 2022, the Korean conglomerate is taking the idea to the next level and inviting customers to use whatever artwork or photos they like to design their own custom statement device.

Priced at $250 per door (that’s on top of what the fridge itself costs), the new MyBespoke fridge doors are set to arrive later this year as a customization option for new Bespoke sales. Customers can opt for a custom design on one or both of the refrigerator’s two French doors, with their choice of custom color tones for the freezer drawers below. Custom customers who are looking for an even more artistic appliance than the one they already own can also exchange their refrigerator doors for new ones.


A Samsung MyBespoke fridge designed by artist Katie Rodgers.


“MyBespoke brings a new level of personalization to our line of bespoke appliances, inspiring a whole new way to express your creativity,” said Shane Higby, Head of Home Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics America. “Whether it’s a favorite personal photo or a bold print you’ve designed, the possibilities are endless as this is your one-of-a-kind bespoke refrigerator.”

Well, almost endless, anyway. Samsung says it plans to monitor incoming designs for redacted and explicit images. I have to keep this kitchen clean.

A Samsung spokesperson also told CNET that the brand expects the majority of growth in its home appliance lineup to come from bespoke sales, so it doesn’t seem like this focus on kitchen aesthetics happen so soon. For now, anyone interested in these fancy fridges can sign up here for more information once they become available.


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