Not Vital’s cool collaboration with Evian and Moncler


Snow time: Not Vital’s cool collaboration with Evian and Moncler

Swiss artist Not Vital enters uncharted waters in new snow-inspired water bottle design with Evian and Moncler

Over the past decades, Not Vital has been busy exploring the limits of large-scale art and architecture, his most notable recent works including a secular chapel in Bataan, Philippines, and House to Watch Three Volcanoes. in Indonesia. His latest project is a somewhat unexpected departure: an order from Moncler to design a limited edition 75cl glass bottle for Evian.

Unexpected, because as the Swiss-based artist notes, “I don’t usually do commercial collaborations. I’m used to my artistic freedom, so working with two brands and their respective teams was a new experience for me. ‘

It is, however, easy to see how Vital’s usual reservations were overcome. The synergies are immediately obvious. To begin with, the three collaborators have deep ties to the Alps. As part of its transition from classic partnerships – including its Activate Movement initiative focused on sustainable design with Virgil Abloh and projects with Christian Lacroix and Alexander Wang – Evian particularly insisted on working with a contemporary artist who had a connection with and an understanding of its origins in the Alps.

Vital grew up in the snow-capped Engadine mountains which, for Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini, made the artist a staple. “His work not only explores the spatial and socio-cultural context of the Engadine Valley, it also reflects the magic and mystery of the mountains which are, of course, part of Moncler’s heritage. “

It probably also helped that Ruffini had known Vital – a man he considers a genius – for many years. “For more than 50 years, his practice has encompassed performance, painting, sculpture and architecture,” he says. “We have always tried to work together, so the idea of ​​collaborating on this project came naturally to me.”

For Vital, so accustomed to creating oversized works that literally dominate the horizon, the opportunity to reduce his footprint was an irresistible challenge, not least because he had always believed that if he hadn’t become an artist, he would be. started in the business of selling water. “It could have been a natural career for me, as I grew up in an area with diverse mineral waters. “

His final design for Evian was based, unsurprisingly, on snow – especially the long winters of his childhood in the mountains. “I grew up in snow and therefore, snow has always been an important motif in my work,” he says, explaining how he has always been drawn to exploring the relationship between form and materials, realizing sculptures with white plaster and creating glass snowballs. and ceramics. “The idea for the design was immediate. I started by painting snowflakes on flat glass and then painted them on an empty bottle prototype. ‘

The result, he says a little triumphantly, is that he “bottled the feeling of being in the snow.”

Ruffini, while no less enthusiastic, is rightly measured in his praise for Vital’s design, which he says reflects a deeply personal journey, unique to the Alps and closely linked to Moncler’s own history. It is, to say the least, more than a little justified to give “an artist with such extensive practice the frame of a water bottle to tell a story.” I like the idea of ​​playing with the states of the water for the design of the bottle. ‘ And it is definitely something to drink. §


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