NFTiff: Create Your Own Tiffany & Co CryptoPunk


CryptoPunks come to life on Tiffany & Co pendants

Tiffany & Co has partnered with blockchain infrastructure company Chain to create personalized pendants and NFTiffs

When it comes to jewelry brands and NFTs, humor is key. A conscious nod to the alternate reality is the best entry something very – well – tangible can make into the metaverse. And the same goes for Tiffany & Co, which skipped NFTs altogether and went straight to NFTiff – and why not?

Tiffany & Co asks the question of what people want from its NFTiff directly to its customers, who are invited to bring their CryptoPunks to life. CryptoPunks – pixel art images that can be personalized – can usually reside in cyberspace, but some of the lucky ones can now be carried directly onto a Tiffany & Co pendant.

NFTiff: Tiffany & Co CryptoPunk pendants

The jewelry brand has partnered with blockchain infrastructure company Chain to make this a reality, with the two brands working on the technology together. Starting this month, CryptoPunk holders will be able to purchase the NFTiff pass, and will then have the option of creating the personalized Tiffany & Co pendant. The resulting piece, inspired by the owner’s CryptoPunk, will come with a digital rendering of the pendant as an NFT and a certificate of authenticity.

“We are extremely excited to announce the launch of NFTiff, offering our customers the rare opportunity to transform CryptoPunks into personalized Tiffany & Co jewelry designs through an all-digital experience,” said Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product. and communications from Tiffany & Co. .

Jewelry designers will seek to match the features and colors of CryptoPunks in a multitude of gemstones, diamonds, and enamel. Only 250 pink and yellow gold pendants will be created.

“As a holder of CryptoPunks, I saw a partnership with Tiffany & Co as a way to make NFTs accessible to new collectors and strengthen the existing community that has embraced the art,” says Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of Chain. . “Tiffany’s vision and Chain’s technologies are the perfect combination to produce a beautiful product and a secure online experience.” §


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