New Ruth Tomlinson engagement rings marry old and new


Antique diamonds melt into the textured gold of Ruth Tomlinson’s engagement rings

Tradition and modernity unite in Ruth Tomlinson’s new ‘Paragons’ engagement ring collection

Ruth Tomlinson blends the traditional with the modern in a new collection of alternative engagement rings, ‘Paragons’, that puts ancient diamonds at its heart.

The five-piece collection cradles white solitaire diamonds, in a multitude of cuts – from round, cushion and oval to pear and emerald – in the jewelry designer’s signature textured yellow gold. “The incredible diamonds themselves inspired this collection, five beautiful specimens, from antique cuts to ultra-modern cuts,” says Tomlinson. ‘It was the first time I had worked with such precious, earth-created gems, and I found it a real privilege. Here, the cuts are enhanced with grains of yellow gold, suggesting to the wearer that nature has participated in the creation of the ring. Paragons means ‘the best of its kind’ and to me these stones are paragons of what a white diamond should be.’

New Ruth Tomlinson Engagement Rings

The hand-cut nature of antique diamonds means that each piece is unique. When teased in modern cuts with a laser for guaranteed precision, then framed against granulated gold, they are given new life.

For Tomlinson, the time had come for this most romantic outing. “Last year we celebrated 20 years in business with an update to one of my most decorative collections, ‘Midas’,” she says. ‘This rejuvenation has seen the use of larger stones in bolder colors that our customers loved and inspired me to revisit more of the collections that helped build brand awareness.’

This new collection is inspired by the famous “Hoard” engagement ring collection. “It’s a piece of jewelry that is close to my heart and it is still cherished by customers who wear the pieces, so I felt it deserved a few dazzling additions. There has also been growing interest in the largest stones of my clients, so it felt right to move with the times and update the ‘Hoard’ collection for 2022. I love the art of diamond cutting and the ingrained history in these unique stones.They are the perfect choice for those who appreciate craftsmanship, timeless design and heritage.


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