Mandala Puja 2021 wishes: Internet users share mantra, WhatsApp messages, images and HD wallpapers for the auspicious day


Mandala Puja at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple is observed on the 11th or 12th day during Dhanu Masam. This year, it will fall on December 27, Monday. Mandala Puja is the last day of 41 days of austerity observed by devotees of Lord Ayyappa. Therefore, the fast for the day began on Wednesday, November 17. The Mandala season puja begins on the first day of Vrischika Masam and ends on the 12th day of Dhanu Masam. People are sending messages to family and friends in Hindi, Malayalam and English to send greetings on this auspicious day. Here are some wishes for the day that you can send to everyone via WhatsApp stickers, GIF images, HD wallpapers, and SMS.

The disciples of Lord Ayyappa observe a strict fast for the Mandala Puja. During Mandala Puja, devotees wear a Rudraksha or Tulsi Mala with Ayyappa’s medallion until they visit the temple and remove the mala. Additionally, during Pooja, devotees should pray twice, avoid physical privacy, and hurt others. Worshipers wish each other on this day through various social media platforms.

The meaning of the puja mandala is mentioned in many Puranas. According to the scriptures, a person’s fate only witnesses a positive change if he or she performs the Mandala Puja. If done with true devotion and total dedication, the Mandala Puja can certainly satisfy one’s desires. Women aged 1 to 9 and women over 50 can observe the Mandala Puja vrat. They are called Malikapuram. You can choose from our wide range of WhatsApp stickers, HD wallpapers, GIF images and SMS to send to your loved ones and wish them a happy and fulfilling Mandala Puja. I wish everyone a happy Mandala Puja 2021!

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