Magh Bihu 2022 images and Bhogali Bihu HD wallpapers for free download online: send WhatsApp stickers, GIFs, Facebook messages and SMS to celebrate Assam’s harvest festival


Magh Bihu is a harvest festival celebrated in Assam, northeast India, which marks the end of the harvest season in the month of Magh. He is also known as Bhogali Bihu or Maghar Domahi. It is celebrated every year on January 14. As we celebrate Magh Bihu 2022, here is a collection of Magh Bihu Images, Happy Magh Bihu 2022 HD Wallpapers, Bhogali Bihu Images, Happy Bhogali Bihu HD Wallpapers, Photos, Stickers WhatsApp, GIF images, messages, greetings, SMS and many to celebrate the day with family and friends. Magh Bihu 2022 wishes: HD wallpapers with cheerful quotes, WhatsApp messages, Maghar Domahi greetings and Facebook status to mark the end of harvest season in Assam.

The Magh Bihu festival was developed by the Tibeto-Burmese, Austroasiatic and Indo-Aryan cultures and the Magan festivals of Kachari. The celebrations feature traditional Assamese games like ‘bhonga’ storytelling and buffalo fighting. People wish each other saying Happy Magh Bihu. As you celebrate this auspicious festival, at LatestLY, we have curated messages that you can send and wish everyone via WhatsApp Stickers, GIFs, HD Wallpapers and SMS on this day -the. Magh Bihu 2022 Greetings and HD Images: Download Quotes, Bhogali Bihu WhatsApp Messages, Party Wishes and Beautiful Wallpapers for Maghar Domahi.

The day begins at dawn with a post-harvest ceremony known as Meji. The word “Meji” is derived from the Deori-Chutia word “Midi ye ji” where “midi” means “ancestral gods”, “ye” means “fire” and “ji” means “to fly away”. It further involves the worship of ancestral spirits that fly away with fire. During the ceremony, bonfires are burned in the fields and people pray to their ancestral gods for blessing. As you take advantage of the day to play Meji, here are WhatsApp stickers, GIF images, HD wallpapers and text messages you can send to your loved ones and wish them this harvest festival.

Happy Magh Bihu (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: We wish you and your loved ones an auspicious Magh Bihu day – A very Bhogali Bihu for you and your family.

Happy Magh Bihu (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: May the Magh Bihu Festival fill your life with love and happiness. Here are my warm greetings and best wishes to you and your family.

Happy Bhogali Bihu (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: On the auspicious occasion of Magh Bihu, may God cover you with his greatest blessings.

Happy Bhogali Bihu (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Let this Bihu usher in a good and sweet year, both materially and spiritually. Happy Bhogali Bihu

Happy Bhogali Bihu (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: It’s a time of new beginnings and celebration of life – Happy Bhogali Bihu

Happy Bhogali Bihu (file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Let this Bihu give you the strength to do everything you dreamed of doing last year but didn’t dare to do. Happy Bhogali Bihu

Magh Bihu Greetings 2022: Download Happy Bhogali Bihu Quotes, Wishes, Images and Messages

According to tradition, people take a bath before lighting the bonfire. Later, they worship Bhoral and Meji by offering chicken, rice cakes, rice beers, chira, pitha, akhoi, haroom, curd and other foods. At the end, they burn a Bhalegarh and consume a special preparation known as Mah-Karai. Bhalegarh and Meji ashes are used in crops to increase the fertility of gardens or fields. As you observe this day with Assamese culture, here are the Happy Magh Bihu 2022 messages that you can send to all your loved ones. Here is a wide range of WhatsApp Stickers, GIF Images, HD Wallpapers and SMS that you can download and send to your friends and family. Happy Magh Bihu 2022!

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