Live Wallpapers for Mac: How to Use, Find, and Create Your Own


Live wallpapers for Mac first arrived with macOS Mojave. Now, with macOS Monterey, there are more dynamic options built-in than ever before. Let’s see how to set dynamic wallpapers for Mac, find more online, create your own, and more.

Here’s how Apple describes Live Wallpapers for Mac:

Dynamic desktop images can automatically change throughout the day based on your current location. If location services are disabled in privacy preferences, the image changes according to the time zone specified in date and time preferences.

With macOS Monterey, you can choose from eight built-in live wallpapers and 15 that can automatically switch between light and dark.

Below, we’ll also cover how to find more dynamic options online and even create your own.

How to Use Mac Live Wallpapers

Built-in options

  • On your Mac, open System Preferences
  • To choose desktop and screen saver (on the top corner left)
  • At the top you will find the eight dynamic options
    • After choosing one, at the top, click the drop-down menu to set it to Dynamic
    • You may need click download near the top, get the different wallpapers to display on your desktop
  • Just below the dynamic wallpapers you will find the 15 light/dark options with automatic switching

How to Find and Create Live Wallpapers for Mac

If you download dynamic wallpaper from the web, you can right click on the image and choose Set desktop image. Here are a variety of options to get more dynamic wallpapers:

  • Dynamic Wallpaper Club – originally launched with macOS Mojave, this is a great resource for browsing, downloading, creating and sharing dynamic wallpapers
  • 24 hour wallpaper – available on the the Web and as Mac app
    • You can get three free dynamic wallpapers on the websitewith more available starting at $1.29, the The Mac app runs at $9.99 and comes with more than 90 dynamic wallpapers
  • Dynaper for Mac – You can use the Dynaper app for free (with watermarks) to create your own dynamic wallpapers for Mac. In-app purchases available to remove watermarks
  • You can also learn more about how Mac live wallpapers work and build your own with this open-source GitHub resource

Another wallpaper resource

If you’re curious about wallpapers, this won’t offer dynamic ones, but the Unsplash Wallpapers app for Mac is a great way to browse and browse beautiful desktop images for free.

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