Is a computer workstation ever really finished? [Setups]


People like to put the finishing touches on their computer setup. Some love it so much they keep doing it. Given the temptations of new gear that’s always coming out and the endless lure of glitzy gadgets other people put into their fabulous setups, is the job really done?

Nope. For many people, the setups are never really done. People think they’re done, like the owner of today’s MacBook Pro setup. But they usually aren’t.

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“It’s game over,” he said. But is an assembly really finished?

Redditor vihngu showed off the colorful setup in a post titled “This is it. It’s endgame. No more shuffling screens.

Other Redditors weren’t about to sit idly by and let him think he was actually done, that he was just talking about the screens or the whole setup.

“Narrator 6 months later: that wasn’t it, that wasn’t the endgame,” said one.

“…there is no endgame,” added another.

However, this wallpaper of MacBook Pro diagrams on screens is very cool. It may be over. For now. Here’s where you can find it, from BasicAppleGuy (u/basicappleguy on Reddit).

MacBook Pro with 2 monitors mounted

Vihngu runs a MacBook Pro with two external displays – one in landscape mode (horizontal), one in portrait mode (vertical). They are both attached to the desk via Iiglo monitor mounts.

The landscape display is a 32-inch G-Sync-enabled Asus ROG Swift PG32UQ gaming monitor with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz and a resolution of 3820 x 1920 pixels. It also offers some nice connectivity options, with a DisplayPort 1.4 DSC port, two HDMI 2.1 ports, and two USB 3 ports.

The portrait mode display is a more modest 24-inch HP EliteDisplay monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate and 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution.

Logitech input devices

Vihngu, like so many people, uses Logitech input devices rather than Apple’s. We see these choices in setups all the time. They fit perfectly into the Apple ecosystem. And they work well with multiple devices, quickly switching between macOS and Windows.

In this case, we see the popular Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard with a metal frame and the comfortable and practical Logitech MX Anywhere 3 wireless mouse.

And the Logitech speakers you don’t often see

We love exploring people’s choices for audio. Vihngu rocks a pair of Logitech Z407 Bluetooth computer speakers with a subwoofer.

The system peaks at 80W of power, with 20W used by the down-firing subwoofer which is most effectively placed on the floor (Hi, downstairs neighbors!).

The system connects to audio sources via Bluetooth, micro USB or a 3.5mm input.

The speaker system matches the other peripherals with its graphite gray coloring. In the photo, you can see the puck that controls playback and volume sitting in the top right corner of the desk mat.

Also note the pegboard organizer on the wall to the right in the photo. With a few hooks you can really tidy up.

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