Intg designs Hana Bank’s private lounge


Hana Bank private lounge merges minimalism and the digital world

Hana Bank unveils new private lounge in Yeouido, Seoul, courtesy of South Korean design studio Intg

Korea’s leading financial institution Hana Bank is adapting to the digital age with a state-of-the-art private lounge for its clients, launched courtesy of Seoul Design Studio Intg. Located in the business district of Yeouido Island in the South Korean capital, the space’s minimalist architecture has been carefully designed to provide the best digital service to its visitors as the bank enters a new phase where mobile and internet banking services are at the heart of its business.

This goal is clearly reflected in the design, which allows visitors to relax in the calm and uncluttered environment of Gold Club Yeouido, as the private banking lounge is called. In their research, the design team found that “in a highly digital environment, customers always go to bank branches to handle complicated tasks, which come with an emotional load.” Their goal was to create an interior that makes interaction and guest time as fresh and straightforward as possible.

To achieve this, Ingt has blended digital with analog and physical, ensuring that while the private lounge club is fully equipped with the latest technology and can become a highly digital environment at the push of a button, the Guests can also experience a soft, tactile interior full of textures and serene color tones.

Spanning over 1,100 m², the lounge spans two floors and caters to clients of different membership levels, including exclusive VIP areas. A glazed “floating” meeting room at the heart of the space sets the tone with its clean lines and ethereal presence. A variety of surrounding areas meet different needs in a flexible and adaptable way. This arrangement vaguely reflects traditional Korean residential architecture, the Intg team explains, making a visit to the bank both relaxing and friendly.

“The ‘floating’ meeting room on the blue sand” looks modern while drawing inspiration from classic and oriental elements, “says the team. “It is designed to subtly reflect the way people enter a living space,” and nods to Hanoks, the traditional Korean houses. “The separate meeting rooms are placed like islands, similar to the Hanok structure. Intg chose hard metal, which comes to mind when thinking of a bank safe, as the main material. ‘ §


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