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TEMPE, Arizona., August 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Economic activity in the hospital sub-sector grew up in july for the 26th month in a row, the country’s hospital supply officials say in the latest Hospital ISM® Business report®.

The report was released today by Nancy LemasterMBA, President of the Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) Hospital Business Survey Committee: “The Hospital PMI® recorded 54.9% in July, down 3.1 percentage points from June’s reading of 58%, indicating a 26th consecutive month of growth. The Commercial Activity and New Orders indices remained in growth territory; however, the business activity index rose while the new orders index fell from June. The employment index also fell in July compared to June. The Case Mix Index remained in contractionary territory, recording 47.5%, down 1 percentage point from June’s figure of 48.5%. The Days Payable Outstanding Index recorded 57%, up 7.5 percentage points from the 49.5% reported in June. The tech spending index recorded 53%, down 0.5 percentage points from June’s reading of 53.5%. »

LeMaster continues, “Several respondents to the Hospital Business Survey Committee indicated that their facilities were again facing an increase in COVID-19 cases. However, the increases generally did not seem severe enough to move elective procedures. Labor costs Labor and supply continue to increase, putting pressure Shortages of materials such as contrast media and lab supplies are easing, but supply continues to be a challenge for (1 ) plastic-containing products and (2) medical equipment requiring computer chips commented on challenges in recruiting and retaining staff, with one attributing an increase in days payable past due to lack of staff accounts receivable from the institution.

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About this report
The information compiled in this report relates to the month of July 2022.

Hospital PMI® was developed in conjunction with the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), an association for the healthcare supply chain profession, and a group of professional members of the American Hospital Association (AHA ).

The data presented here is obtained from a survey of hospital supply managers based on information they collected within their respective organizations. ISM® makes no representations, other than as set forth in this release, regarding each company’s data collection procedures. The data should be compared to all other sources of economic data when used in decision making.

Data and mode of presentation
The Hospital ISM® Business report® is based on data compiled by hospital purchasing and supply managers nationwide. Survey responses reflect the change, if any, in the current month compared to the previous month. For each of the metrics measured (Business Activity, New Orders, Employment, Supplier Deliveries, Inventory, Price, Price: Pharmaceuticals, Price: Supplies, Order Backlog, Imports, Inventory Sentiment, Case Mix, Days Payable Remaining, Technology Spend and Contactless Orders), this report shows the percentage reporting each response and the spread index. The answers represent raw data and are never modified. Beginning in January 2021the Business report® staff and consultants collect market information to better validate the export index. Export index data is still being collected.

Hospital PMI® is a composite index calculated from the following indices, equally weighted: commercial activity, new orders, employment and supplier deliveries. Diffusion indices have the properties of leading indicators and are convenient summary measures showing the prevailing direction of change and the magnitude of change. A hospital PMI® an index above 50% indicates that the hospital sub-sector is generally expanding; below 50% indicates that it is generally declining. For the sub-indices, with the exception of deliveries to suppliers, an index above 50% indicates that the sub-index is generally expanding; less than 50% indicates that it is generally contracting. A Supplier Deliveries Index above 50% indicates slower deliveries and below 50% indicates faster deliveries.

The Hospital ISM® Business report® The survey is sent to Hospital Business Survey Committee respondents the first half of each month. Respondents are requested to report ONLY US transactions for the current month. ISM® receives survey responses for most of a given month, with the majority of respondents typically waiting until the end of the month to submit responses in order to paint the most accurate picture of current business activity. ISM® then compiles the report for publication on the fifth working day of the following month.

ISM ROB content
The Institute of Supply Management® (“ISM”) Business report® (Manufacturing, Service and Hospital Reports) (“ISM ROB”) contains information, text, files, images, video, sound, music, copyright, applications and any other material or content (collectively, “Content”) of ISM (“ISM ROB Content”). ISM ROB Content is protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other laws, and as between you and ISM, ISM owns and retains all rights to the ISM ROB Content. ISM hereby grants you a limited, revocable, non-sublicensable license to access and display on your individual device the ISM ROB Content (excluding any software code) solely for your personal, non-commercial use. ISM ROB Content will also contain content from users and other ISM licensors. Except as otherwise provided herein or as expressly permitted in writing by ISM, you shall not copy, download, broadcast, capture, reproduce, duplicate, archive, upload, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, retransmit, distribute, perform, display, sell or otherwise use any ISM ROB Content.

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You may not create, recreate, distribute, incorporate into other works, or advertise an index of any part of the Content unless you have received ISM’s prior written permission. Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute content from ISM ROB may be made by contacting michelle rusk in writing to: ISM Research, Institute for Supply Management, 309 W. Elliot Road, Suite 113, Tempe, AZ 85284-1556, or by email [email protected]; subject: content request.

ISM shall have no responsibility, duty or liability for or relating to the ISM ROB Content or other information contained herein, any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or delays in providing any ISM ROB Content, or for any actions taken based on it. In no event shall ISM be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of the ISM ROB. Business report®PMI®MNI®Manufacturing PMI®PMI Services®and hospital PMI® are registered trademarks and trademarks of Institute for Supply Management®. Supply Management Institute® and ISM® are registered trademarks of Institute for Supply Management, Inc.

About the Institute of Supply Management®
Supply Management Institute® (ISM®) serves supply management professionals in more than 90 countries. Its 50,000 members around the world manage approximately US$1 trillion into the corporate and government supply chain every year. Founded in 1915 as the world’s first supply management institute, ISM is committed to advancing the practice of supply management to generate value and competitive advantage for its members, contributing thus to a prosperous and sustainable world. ISM® leads the profession through the ISM® Business report®its renowned certification programs and the ISM® Advance Digital platform. ISM® Business report® has been issued by the association since 1931, except for a four-year hiatus during World War II.

The public text version Hospital ISM® Business report® is published on ISM®the website of the fifth working day* of each month at 10:00 a.m. ET.

The following Hospital ISM® Business report® with August 2022 data will be released at 10 a.m. ET on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

*Unless the New York Stock Exchange is closed.


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