Hazrat Ali Birthday 2022 Images and HD Wallpapers Free Download Online: WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Status, Quotes and Wishes to observe the day


Hazarat Ali, also known as Ali Ibn Abi Talib, was the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad and the first Iman of Shia Muslims. His birthday is celebrated on the 13th day of Rajab according to the Islamic calendar. Hazarat Ali’s birthday 2022 will be celebrated on February 15. It is a very important festival of the Muslim community. On this day, people celebrate by preparing traditional dishes and offering prayers at the mosque. As you celebrate this important Muslim festival, we at LatestLY have curated messages that you can download and send to all your loved ones to wish them via WhatsApp Stickers, GIFs, HD Wallpapers and SMS. Spiritual Quotes, Best Wishes, Messages, WhatsApp SMS, HD Wallpapers, Facebook Status and Texts for the auspicious occasion

People celebrate this day by discussing and appreciating Ali’s contribution to Islam. Children learn about his great works for the propagation of Islamic culture. As you celebrate Hazrat Ali Jayanti by remembering Ali’s contribution to Islam, here are beautiful WhatsApp Stickers, GIFs, HD Wallpapers and SMS that you can download and send to your whole family and your friends to wish Hazarat Ali birthday 2022.

Hazarat Ali Jayanti 2022 Wishes

Hazarat Ali’s birthday wishes in 2022 (file image)

HD image reads: The measure of a man is his will. -Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Happy Hazarat Ali Jayanti 2022 Messages

Hazarat Ali’s 2022 birthday messages (file image)

The statute reads: He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,

And he who has An Enemy Will Meet Him Everywhere. -Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Birthday greetings from Ali ibn Abu Talib

Quotes from Hazarat Ali Jayanti 2022 (file image)

Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s quote reads: To make one good deed succeed another is the perfection of goodness. -Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Happy Birthday Ali ibn Abu Talib HD Images

Hazarat Jayanti 2022 Wallpapers (File Image)

HD image reads: Happy Hazarat Jayanti 2022

Ali ibn Abu Talib birthday SMS

Hazarat Ali’s birthday 2022 (file image)

WhatsApp SMS reads: Hazarat Ali’s birthday 2022

Hazarat Ali was born in Makkah. He was the fourth Rightly Guided Caliph and he reigned from 656 until his assassination in 661. He is known as a very important person in the Muslim community all over the world. A public holiday is observed in many parts of the country to celebrate his birthday. People send messages to family and friends wishing them this auspicious day. Here are WhatsApp stickers, GIF images, HD wallpapers and SMS that you can download and send to all your family and friends to wish them Happy Hazarat Ali Jayanti. I wish everyone a happy Hazarat Ali Jayanti 2022!

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