Happy Hanukkah 2021: WhatsApp messages, Hanukkah Sameach GIF images, HD wallpapers and SMS for Jewish holiday


The Jewish Festival of Lights is here! The eight-day Chanukah 2021 celebrations begin on Sunday, November 28. The festival begins on the 25th day of Kislev of the Hebrew calendar, which falls in late November and late December of the Gregorian calendar. We bring you a collection of Hanukkah greetings, Happy Hanukkah greetings, Chanukah images, Chanukah 2021 messages, Chanukah photos, Chanukah 2021 wallpapers and more to celebrate with your family and friends.

Chanukah is celebrated with menorah lighting, traditional dishes, games and gifts. One branch of the menorah is placed above or below the others, and its light is used to light the other eight candles. Hanukkah celebrations include chanting, playing the dreidel, and consuming oil-based foods such as latkes and sufganiyot and dairy products. As you celebrate this Jewish holiday, we at LastLY have collected messages which you can send via WhatsApp stickers, GIF images, HD wallpapers and SMS to wish you your friends and loved ones a happy Hanukkah 2021.

Chanukah wishes (Photo credits: file image)

WhatsApp messages read: “I wish your family peace and light this holiday season.”

Chanukah wishes (Photo credits: file image)

Greetings Facebook Read: “I think of you during this season of miracles.”

Happy Hanukkah GIF!

Greetings GIF Read: Happy Hanukkah wishes you and your family.

Hanukkah Greetings (Photo credits: file image)

WhatsApp messages read: “Here is a brilliant and meaningful Chanukah. “

Hanukkah Messages (Photo credits: file image)

Greetings Facebook Read: “I wish you all a warm and wonderful vacation. May you have a blessed Hanukkah and New Year! “

Hanukkah is derived from a Hebrew verb which means to consecrate. On that day, the Jews of the Maccabees regained control of Jerusalem and consecrated the temple. The celebrations consist of religious and non-religious customs, the most important custom being to light menorah candles. Traditionally, olive oil was used to light the menorah, but it has now been replaced by candles. The candles are inserted into the menorah in ascending order from right to left but are lit from left to right.

People send messages saying Chanukah Sameach to wish their friends and family on this day. Here is a collection of WhatsApp stickers, GIF images, HD wallpapers and SMS saying Hanukkah Sameach that you can send and wish everyone on this day. We wish all Hanukkah Sameach 2021!

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