Furniture maker Prostoria turns factory into exhibition


Furniture maker Prostoria turns factory into immersive exhibition

Croatian furniture maker Prostoria opens factory as immersive brand showcase, hosting ‘Revisiting Factory’ exhibition

In partnership with Prostoria

Anticipating the onset of the possible end of the global pandemic, Croatian furniture maker Prostoria opened the doors of its headquarters in Sveti Križ Začretje to the public. At the ‘Revisiting Factory’ exhibition, held at the 3,200m² wood drying facility in Prostoria, vast piles of raw wood were arranged to create warm and social environments: home offices, living room interiors. , corridors, club rooms and terraces tables and chairs, including the ‘Polygon’ armchair and the ‘Revolve’ convertible sofa.

For a week in June 2021, the brand’s handmade design aesthetic emerged from between tall blocks of planks that are normally stored until they reach dry maturity and are ready to be turned into furniture. quality.

Outdoor seating by Prostoria including the ‘Polygon’ armchair in white and the ‘Umomoku’ sofa and armchairs

With social responsibility and a strategic dedication to research-based design at the heart of the evolution of the Prostoria brand, “Revisiting Factory” exemplifies the daring spirit of a boundless and fearless business in its quest to bring contribution not only to design and manufacture, but also wider culture.

The exhibition, said its organizers, was both a centerpiece and a collaborative project, “encouraging designers to grow with the company on the basis of mutual trust and shared goals.” The dynamic workshop atmosphere created opportunities for designers to explore their ideas in socially synergistic conditions and to engage with the highest level of design, functionality and technological craftsmanship.

The ‘Trifidae’ armchair and ottoman in red upholstery and the ‘Impression’ sofa and armchair. On the right is the ‘Knif’ shelving system

“In our factory, we develop prototypes and produce furniture in wood, leather, metal and fabrics of natural origin,” explains Tomislav Knezović, CEO of Prostoria. “The production in our factory reflects how much we value quality; we know we can guarantee it. All of these combined have enabled us to establish Prostoria as a premium brand in the international furniture industry, selling products in over 900 premium showrooms around the world. ‘

“Our factory is a research laboratory where sustainability is part of the design process” – Tomislav Knezović

‘Revisiting Factory’ is the continuation of a Prostoria 2020 project called ‘Revisiting Analogue’. Both exhibitions offered new ways to communicate the brand’s experiences as international fairs around the world were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Armchair ‘Trifidae’

“Revisiting Analogue” earned Prostoria two German Brand Awards nominations 2021; it won the Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation category, for storytelling and content marketing, as well as a special mention for brand experience of the year. Both projects were developed in collaboration with the designers of the studio Numen / ForUse and Simon Morasi Piperčić. Overcoming unprecedented working conditions during the pandemic, Prostoria also won first prize in the Excellent Brands – Interior & Living category.

“Prostoria is a family business founded on the passion to create quality furniture that enriches the living space,” Knezović explained at the opening of the “Revisiting Factory” exhibition. “In our first ten years, we moved very quickly from handcrafted to large-scale industrial production. From the start, Prostoria followed the journey of a design firm and used it as a tool to create added value and implement quality standards in the development and production of furniture. Our factory is a research laboratory where sustainability is part of the design process. ‘

Watch: “Revisiting Factory” in Prostoria


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