Four One Nine is a creative space with a social vocation


Four One Nine is a social space for San Francisco’s creative scene

Four One Nine by Síol Studios combines creativity, nature, light and social purpose

A new creative hub for San Francisco, Four One Nine by Síol Studios ambitiously combines art exhibition, product development and digital content production. The brainchild of business coach, creative director and photographer Sonya Yu, Four One Nine was designed to meet the needs of the creative community as a place to serve local talent and drive positive change; and its design and interior, carefully crafted by the Síol team and led by studio director Robo Gerson, reflects these values ​​through openness, green elements and bright, welcoming and flexible spaces.

Síol Studios, co-founded by Jessica Weigley and Kevin Hackett, was guided by functionality and design versatility. A large column-less gallery provides a multifunctional space for shows and events, while a small but practical kitchen serves as a food preparation area as well as a location for photo shoots. Offices and meeting rooms around these spaces flow in a wide open layout with a dramatic staircase at its heart (built in collaboration with steel fabricator Henry DeFauw and concrete fabricator Concreteworks), which becomes a true centerpiece of the overall interior architecture.

A strong green element defines the design. A green wall (including a thriving beehive) designed by Habitat Horticulture, the company behind SFMOMA’s greenery, gently dominates the terrace and remains visible inside through large windows. Outdoor furniture, water features and landscaping complete a rich outdoor experience for users – one that seeps indoors as well, thanks to the strategically planned views.

Art, like Dave Muller’s colorful murals, blends with natural, tactile materials – white ash wood, three-dimensional tiles, Caesarstone countertops – to provide a layered interior experience. Meanwhile, bespoke elements ensure that every part of the space is fully fit for purpose.

“If the passenger compartment is protected from unwanted noise pollution, it is also intimately linked to the world around it. Throughout the interior, massive and carefully placed skylights flood the space with light and create a visceral connection between Four One Nine and the changing weather, cloud cover and intensity of the sun, all of which register on the walls. interiors,” explains the design team. §


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