Download these super high-res Webb telescope images for an out-of-the-ordinary desktop background


They make a stellar background. To find? Stellar? YOU UNDERSTOOD?!

All the space nerddoms howled in excitement at the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope. What we’ve seen so far has been breathtaking, showing a clarity of the universe we’ve never experienced before in such exquisite sharpness and detail. I haven’t felt this much wonder since an eight-year-old Ryne grabbed his first glossy-paged book about space at the library, staring at the Etched Hourglass Nebula. Whether you I also can’t get enough of Webb’s first photos, I have good news. You can actually download them at absurdly high resolutions, perfect for setting as your phone wallpaper.


The recent images are available on the Webb Space Telescope website, operated by the Space Telescope Science Institute. Image resolutions vary, but they come in sizes ranging from “only” 4K x 4K and up. An example of the Carina Nebula is available up to 14575 x 8441 px, if you can believe it, although you can usually download a smaller version of any given image if you prefer. Keep in mind that these files can get quite large for full quality releases, we’re talking over a hundred megabytes. The file formats are TIF and PNG, so you get excellent quality.

A small gallery of some of the images available. Don’t download them, get the larger, full resolution versions.

If the photos alone aren’t enough for you, there are also some cool infographic-like images like a spectrum analysis or an explanation of the Webb telescope’s diffraction spikes (the kind of star-shaped lens flare you you will see on some of the images), among others. Artist renderings and illustrations are also available, and you can filter images by collection, category, or type, as well as search for specific items in the library. There are far more than the five samples available, and some of these samples even come in multiple versions captured from different parts of the infrared spectrum.

You can download the James Webb Space Telescope photos at your convenience and brighten up your phone, laptop or desktop computer with a whole new view of the universe.


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