Dev Deepavali 2021 wishes: WhatsApp greetings, pictures, messages, HD wallpapers and SMS to send on auspicious day


Dev Deepavali or Dev Diwali is the festival of lights of the gods and falls two weeks after Diwali. It is observed on the full moon of the month Kartik of the Hindu calendar. According to the Hindu calendar, it falls between October and November. Dev Deepavali 2021 Greetings: Wishes, Dev Diwali WhatsApp messages, HD images and wallpapers to send and observe Diwali from gods.

Dev Deepavali 2021 is observed on Thursday, November 18. It is believed that the gods descend to earth on this day to bathe in the Ganges. It is also observed as the Tripura Purnima Snan. The main rituals of the day begin with Kartik Snan, who takes a bath in the Ganges, and deepdan, which offers oil lamps. As you observe this auspicious day, we at LatestLY have wishes you can send via WhatsApp stickers, GIF images, HD wallpapers and SMS.

The tradition of lighting the lamps of Dev Deepavali was observed for the first time at Panchganga Ghat in 1985. Besides having religious significance, this festival is also an occasion to commemorate the martyrs in ghats by worshiping Ganga and lighting lamps overseeing the aarti. As we observe this day in memory of the martyrs, here are some messages you can send and wish to your loved ones on this auspicious day. You can choose from our wide range of greetings, images, HD wallpapers, Facebook messages and SMS.

This festival is a major tourist attraction witnessing a million floating and stationary lamps followed by a closing ceremony where the sky lamps are lit. During the ceremony, the Bhagirath Shaurya Samman Awards are presented and patriotic songs, hymns and bhajans are sung. The lamps illuminate the ghats and the river in vivid colors, making it a breathtaking sight. People send wishes to their relatives and friends on this day with WhatsApp Happy Dev Deepavali stickers, GIF images, HD wallpapers and SMS. You can choose from our range of wishes and greetings to send to everyone.

Happy Dev Deepavali 2021!

Greetings WhatsApp: I wish a blessed Dev Deepawali!

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Shubh Dev Deepawali Wishes: Greetings for this Dev Deepawali

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Happy Wishes from Dev Deepawali: Beautiful messages to share!

Dev Deepawali Wishes (Photo credits: File Image)

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Dev Deepawali HD Images and Wallpapers

Dev Deepawali HD Images and Wallpapers (Photo Credits: File Image)

Dev Diwali Messages to share

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Special Dev Deepawali SMS in Hindi: Dev Deepawali ki Shubhkamnaye

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Celebrate Dev Deepawali 2021 by sharing these wishes, greetings, images and wallpapers to make your festival a little more beautiful and special!

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