Dream Prints: 150,000 euros investment during the pandemic for a premium wallpaper brand


Dream Prints, a premium wallpaper brand that aims to make art accessible, was launched on the Romanian market after an investment of 150,000 euros. Benefiting from the support of a global team of artists and illustrators, the founder of the brand, Valentin Bratu, believes that Dream Prints will know how to differentiate itself on the Romanian market by being able to deliver personalized products, on atypical supports and with atypical dimensions.

Built from the ground up by a Romanian entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in technology, Dream Prints is a complete company, the whole process – from idea, creation, production and implementation – being done in-house, with its own team. The initial investment – of 150,000 euros – covers both the acquisition of specific equipment and materials needed for production, as well as the digital launch of the brand, which is currently sold exclusively online.

The business idea emerged just before the pandemic – as interior design is a hobby of founder Valentin Bratu – but it took shape over the past year, when preparations for the launch began. . Thus, to complete the first 5 collections, Dream Prints launched a global challenge addressed to illustrators and communities of digital artists. As a result, 13 specialists were selected to design the portfolio of over 100 wallpapers available in this first stage of the project. At the same time, Dream Prints offers a collection of 25 prints, dedicated to children, made on an environmentally friendly support, without PVC content.

We aim to offer a new direction in design, by bringing in atypical materials, which offer a particular texture to the final product, such as leather, cement or textile, but also an artistic vision. We also want to move out of standard production, because our wallpaper can be produced in any size and adjusted according to customer needs. Dream Prints is aimed at both professionals and the end customer, as we can easily see a growing interest in increasingly daring residential designs., said Valentin Bratu, the founder of Dream Prints.

Dream Prints aims for a turnover of 120 to 150,000 euros after its first year, based on a balanced mix of customers, both in the B2B and B2C segments. Thus, Dream Prints clients are real estate developers, companies that offer office fit-out solutions, but also professionals and investors in HoReCa. Also, in the residential segment, Dream Prints customers are people who are looking for innovative, daring, elegant layouts with an artistic component, and who are ready to invest in the design of their living space.

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