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This house may date from the mid-20th century, but its owner decided to channel several other centuries to decorate it.

Abington Township has many mid-century modern ranchers and duplexes dating from the 1950s and 1960s that have been meticulously maintained in their original form by their owners. This house at 1471 Autumn Rd., Jenkintown, PA 19046, is one of them – but be careful; you should never judge a book by its cover. | Bright MLS Images via Keller Williams Real Estate – Blue Bell

The years after WWII saw a wave of massive transformations sweep across the country: mass suburbs like Levittown. Mass higher education through the GI Bill of Rights.

And in the world of architecture and design, two distinct but related trends: the spread of the simpler, cleaner architectural style we now call ‘mid-century modern’ and the spread of the old, curvy and colorful design. . Philadelphia Investigator architecture critic Thomas Hine nicknamed “Popluxe”.

Along with these trends there has been another – the rebirth of elaborate wallpaper patterns akin to the rich patterns of the 18th century. The difference this time around was that instead of pastoral or exotic landscapes, these wallpaper designs featured metallic colors and geometric and floral patterns.

house for sale rydal mid-century foyer on two levels


You will find some of it in this mid-century Rydal split-level house for sale. Do that “you will find a parcel of that in this mid century Rydal split level house for sale.

Also note that I just called it “mid-century”, not “mid-century modern”.

This is because its owner, who had this duplex built in 1950, clearly had in mind visions of a century other than the last.

house for sale mid-century rydal on two levels ground floor

Main floor

As this photo of the ground floor should demonstrate, inside this mid-century modern duplex, the owner decided to go for the Baroque.

house for sale rydal mid-century living room on two levels


I don’t know if the palace that inspired the decor of the main living room is in Italy or France, but this decor contains nods to both countries – lighting, drapes, rugs, furniture, etc.

house for sale rydal mid century dining room on two levels

Dining room

Ditto for the cabinets in the dining room. This opulence would feel right at home in one of those golden age mansions down the street in Cheltenham, but it feels a bit out of place in a 1950’s duplex.

kitchen and dining room

Dining kitchen

In addition to opting for the baroque, the owner has transformed several rooms of this house into gardens with a variety of floral wallpapers. The lobby, as you have probably noticed, was adorned with floral wallpaper; The same goes for the kitchen-diner, the color scheme of which is a mid-century period piece.

kitchen workspace


But speaking of period pieces, while the oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and hob have all been replaced since this home was built, there are a few 1950s classics left that you might want. also keep when you renovate this house, as I imagine you will want. Check out the vintage range hood, for example, or the wall-mounted radio and intercom system. (Hints as to the function of the two metal drawers on the wall to the right of the cooktop are greatly appreciated.)



The decor of the bedrooms upstairs is generally less exuberant, but there is one exception: this child’s bedroom, a vision in pink with (yes) floral paper on its walls and a wallpaper with dazzling geometric patterns ( making you dizzy?) on the ceiling.

master bedroom

Master bedroom

main bathroom

Main bathroom

Wait, I spoke too soon.

dressing room in the master suite

Dressing room in the master suite

While the master bedroom and bathroom are sober in comparison, the master suite contains another blast in its walk-in closet, this one filled with tropical birds.


Powder room in the basement

(Like the house as a whole, all of its bathrooms have been meticulously maintained and retain their mid-century modern provincial style crossed with French. Including the powder room on the lower level, which features colorful metallic wallpaper. in a fish- scale model.)

The dining room

The dining room

The lower-level family room, on the other hand, is a contemporary classic from the 50s, with a full bar and dark plywood paneling.

The dining room

Family room with fireplace

But the owner couldn’t resist putting a bit of classic style in unusual colors here, too, with the fireplace surround and built-in shelves echoing the blue of the chairs and carpet.

rear terrace

Rear terrace

Sliding doors lead from the family room to a large back patio and nicely landscaped backyard.

rear elevation and basement entrance

Rear elevation showing entrance to basement

And there is another playroom and bar in the walkout basement, another half floor below the family room.

This part of Abington Township appears to have several mid-century ranchers and duplexes that have managed to survive our time in their original form; we featured a house similar to this but built 12 years later two years ago this month.

With a few smart renovations, you could turn this mid-century split-level Rydal home for sale into a cultural artefact comparable to this Abington home. All you have to do is compose the baroque and the flowers. Instead, put them in this large, nicely landscaped garden.



SPA: 2 full, 1 half


SELLING PRICE: $ 524,900

1471 Autumn Rd., Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046 [Eric Maher | Keller Williams Real Estate — Blue Bell]

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