Restaurant designers are hungry for photo-real wallpaper art


Art installations based on photography infusing visual storytelling, emotional engagement in restaurant interior design

As a very effective form of marketing, visual storytelling can encompass virtually every aspect of a restaurant brand. Of course, the greatest opportunity for a restaurant to convey its own brand story is in its interior design. While the right color choices, lighting, and wall art are among the decor items that can stimulate a client’s appetite, restaurateurs can go one step further and infuse personalized artwork on their own. in the walls. This in the form of photo-real wallpapers like those offered by Fotografica, a company founded by a photographer, an artist and a designer. Julia blaukopf who is revered for bringing unique art installations based on photography to restaurants, businesses and homes around the world.

For example, the photo-based hotel and restaurant wallpaper created by Blaukopf takes advantage of the popularity of the railway park with tourists and gives customers an outward-looking sensibility. A maritime scene can create an immersive experience in time and space. Cityscapes can add depth and scale even to small spaces like restrooms.

Colors affect appetite and comfort
Colors can trigger biological processes such as metabolism, and specific colors can apparently even have varying effects on a person’s appetite. For example, one article quotes that the color yellow makes people happy, an emotion and a state of mind that can make people eat. It also indicates that the color green, often associated with well-being, is associated with abundance and makes people want to eat “a lot” of healthy foods. Therefore, customers are more likely to find yellow in fast food outlets, while upscale restaurants are more likely to go for earthy tones or even red, which “increases blood pressure, frequency. heart and causes hunger in a person. common. “Just as color can be a powerful engine of emotion, so too is the art of photography, especially when imagery is a fundamental element impacting the entire space itself. , as with the wallpaper.

Lighting & Atmosphere
The lighting also creates an atmosphere that affects a restaurant customer’s appetite, type of menu selection, comfort and the overall experience. A study from the Journal of Marketing Research found that “the luminance of ambient light influences mental alertness, which in turn influences food choices.” Ideally, the dining room lighting, color scheme, and wall treatments, especially those with visual cues and triggers, exist and work in sync to encourage guests not only to eat, but also to have want to type of food offered by the establishment. This while also connecting emotionally with the guest, so that they will want to come back again and again and recommend their friends and family to do the same.

Layout in USP
Imagine walking into a crowded restaurant where you have to share a table with strangers or sit unappetizingly. Now imagine walking into a spacious restaurant where the chairs and tables are arranged in a mosaic pattern. The old restaurant may leave you with an uncomfortable experience, but the latter can facilitate warm memories.

A thoughtful layout is fundamental to a restaurant’s success, and the elements in it are psychological sales drivers. Sometimes a stellar space can even elevate perceptions of the F&B arrangements, themselves. Perhaps more importantly, a space with a visual narrative, like one that’s easily established with photo-real wallpapers, can provide guests with a unique and engaged experience that elevates the brand’s image. The result motivates return visits, fostering a reliable customer base and giving the restaurant that coveted and elusive edge over the competition.


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